Jev Suchoi has extensive experience as among others a Solution Architect, Cloud Consultant, Security Consultant, Tech Lead, Infrastructure Engineer, DevOps Engineer and Developer. In his work for different organizations he has accumulated extensive knowledge of Azure, Azure Active Directory and Azure DevOps. With a developer background Jev is able to fully incorporate development principles when designing and implementing cloud solutions. Jev Suchoi is a firm believer in the following concepts & principles as these are key to unlocking the full potential of DevOps and a cloud-native approach.

  • Lifelong learning
  • Everything as Code
  • Automate the boring
  • Idempotency
  • Pets vs Cattle
  • Assume breach
  • Cloud-native security
  • Least Privilege

By practicing these concepts & principles on a daily basis Jev Suchoi strives to empower he’s customer’s IT to demonstrate;

  • Expertise in any cloud platform with a special emphasis on DevOps and automation.
  • A growth mindset or openness to changing the way IT operates today.
  • A desire to accelerate business change and remove traditional IT roadblocks.


Currently Jev Suchoi is employed Rubicon: Cloud Advisor as a Cloud Consultant. By performing this role Jev is responsible for the technology aspect of the Azure team within the Cloud Solutions cluster. This technology aspect include but are not limited to;

  • Facilitating & organizing knowledge sharing in and outside of the team.
  • Participating in proposals for customers with regards to Azure, Azure DevOps & Office 365.
  • Translating Enterprise level designs into technical designs, implementation approaches & other tactical documents.
  • Designing & implementing security control frameworks.
  • Participating hands-on in implementation of the designed solutions.
  • Conducting recruitment interviews with candidates.
  • Participating on the technology board.

Because of Jev’s passion for sharing knowledge Jev’s colleagues consider him as the go-to guy for Azure, scripting & Azure DevOps related questions. This blog is the next step in expanding knowledge sharing to a wider public.


All opinions and views expressed on this blog are not an official recommendation from Rubicon: Cloud Advisor. Any solutions, scripts, or guidance is provided as-is with no warranty and is used at the risk of the user.