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GitHub vs Azure DevOps

Introduction Recently one of our clients has asked if it might be worthwhile to look into GitHub. They are currently using Azure DevOps and are as far as I understand quite happy with it. So, I drew up a short summary of pro’s and cons about GitHub vs Azure DevOps. The response that I got was very enthusiastic. And because of it I decided to share this information here. Keep in mind that this is not a full in depth comparison of both products but more of a management summary intended to decide if it would be valuable to look into what GitHub can offer a company that is currently using Azure DevOps.

Set by step guide for a free and easy way to set up a low maintenance blog

Introduction I always struggled with the following; when I find a solution for a certain problem and months down the line I run into a similar problem and try to remember how I solved the previous one. Cursing at myself: Why didn’t I write this down!? Like many other IT professionals I created a blog (years ago) to write those solutions down for myself and anyone who stumbles upon the blog.